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DH35 (Non Feature DH)
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30.8 mi / 49.6 km


Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .
At a Glance
Come on baby let's do the twist

The King of the Twist lost 30 pounds over three weeks demonstrating his new dance. We’re not suggesting you’ll lose any weight, but if you like doin’ the two-wheeled twist, this DH is the greatest thing to hit Northern California since the Mosquito (DH16). Trimmer Springs Rd is no one hit wonder either. For sure, it’s the never-ending melody of S-turns that hooks you. But dig that three-part scenic harmony. Panoramic views over Pine Flat Lake to mountains in the south and east resonate for much of the ride as the road edges high along steep, grass and granite-sided ridges, coming down to water level only in the canyon at the very end. The mixed Pavement won’t win any Grammys, but the Remoteness of this gravel-outer makes it an instant classic, even with the distortion of pleasure boats on the reservoir and power lines at the end. So as you’re rockin’ and rollin’ lookin’ out for the rollin’ rocks, just remember who thought of it first. Take it away, Chubby…

Twist baby twist
Take your throttle in your hand
And go like this

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    Rider Reviews:

    'Since I only live about 12 mi from this location, I am a little partial in my critique. Greeeeat DH! Ridden it many times but last Sat my wife came with me on her V-Strom and she was smiling and twisting all the way. We also rode above Balch Camp for a great view. We have some of the best on and off road riding in this part of the country. Anxiously awaiting DH SoCal! ' --CHP M/C - Pilot Officer George Franke (Ret)

    'Been riding this DH for many years. The combination of Twistiness and Remoteness make it one of my favorites. Watch for STCs and houseboats, and keep upright on the cattleguards! For a treat coming back, look for Maxon Rd (1/3 the way from the end), take it right and connect to the north half of DH30TE-C, turn right on the northern 1/3 of DH30TE-D up to the top where it meets DH30 to Shaver Lake.' --Andrew Chamberlain


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