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DH48 (Non Feature DH)
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30.8 mi / 49.6 km


Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .
At a Glance
When people think of Napa County, they think of sweeping vineyards, lush hillsides, colorful flower gardens, stylish wineries, spas and gourmet dining. But the county ain’t all Napa Valley chic. For those unafraid to witness the dark underbelly of wine country, this DH offers a glimpse of it just across the Pallisades, one valley to the east. While there’s a bit of smooth Pavement corresponding with the road’s tightest and twistiest sections – along Lake Hennessey, Chiles Creek and further north in the arid Butts Canyon – the rest is barely mid-grade. However, what’s far more disturbing is seeing firsthand that much of the unkempt, third world farmland still hasn’t been replaced with vineyards. In fact, some of the so-called Scenery is nothing more than rocks and scrub. As if this weren’t shocking enough, there’s nary a bistro in sight. Most pylons prefer to pretend this part of Napa County doesn’t exist. As a result, few venture this way, especially north of the TE-B turnoff. But grittier motorcyclists should take this remote tour off the beaten track and see how the other half lives. If only to go back and tell the other folks back at the B&B in St. Helena.
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