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DH6 (Non Feature DH)
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65.3 mi / 105.1 km


Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .
At a Glance
The British TV series “The Office”, which has spawned an American version, was a hit from Liverpool to Livermore because people could relate to a dilbertian workplace where the boss is a complete wanker and most co-workers are a bunch of dull-normal wallys. Well, when the grind gets you down, why not hop on your Triumph for a little out-of-the-office roadwork? And legendary DH6 is a fave spot for that, in spite of its one inferior single-lane section. From Carlotta, the road darts in and out of impressive redwood forest to take meetings with the Van Duzen River before winding inland for follow-up committees composed of more sedate forest and fields. The big presentation, however, occurs on the eastern third past DH36 Mad River Rd – Van Duzen Rd. From here on, Twistiness, Pavement, Engineering and Remoteness all rocket higher than employee self-evaluation scores, coming together as a team to create what is unquestionably one of NorCal's most profitable riding experiences. By its end, this ride can leave you as knackered as a hard day at work. But as David Brent might quip, “Even a bad day on a DH is better than a good day at the orifice, yeh?”
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    'Redwoods are impressive east of Carlotta. Be prepared what lies east of Bridgeville. You will be asking yourself, am I on the right road? Back to back twisties, no markers, heavy forest, almost single lane width. More like a country lane. Road goes back to regular 2 lane around Dinsmore. After Mad River, this is the most technical road I have ever ridden. Good luck keeping up to the speed limit of 55. On my R1 I'd rarely see over 25. It is that challenging. You will be exhausted by the time you reach Hayfork. What a blast!' --Shaun Gallant


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