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DH44 (Non Feature DH)
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35.3 mi / 56.8 km


Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .
At a Glance
Put it almost anywhere else and this DH would be a superstar. But with so many celebrated routes to the north and south, this lightly trafficked bit of road candy gets about as many casting calls as Brent Chapman. But itís sure not for lack of talent. This respectably well paved and engineered road gives a shining performance in the early and late frames, curling down exquisitely off the popular Triangle Jct and essing admirably up and down the lush, forested slopes either side of the Hayfork Summit. Too bad its Remoteness and Character get assassinated by the excruciatingly long straights when the DH mails it in through the stretched out farming community of Hayfork. But if you can deal with a few boring scenes, there are moments on this route that rival the regionís best. So is this B-road ready for a leading role? Well, as this B-actor would say, ďWhat have Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe got that I donít?Ē
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    Rider Reviews:

    'We did this road on a nice, sunny, late May day in 2007. I loved it, one of my favorites on the trip. Maybe seeing almost no traffic, especially on the tight, east end, up and down the summit. The west end was just fabulous, dappled sun and shane coming out of Hayfork, and then into increasing tighter turns, and better asphalt on the west end. Just Great!!' --Paul Mackie


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