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DH50 (Non Feature DH)
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37.3 mi / 60.0 km


Very Light
Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .
At a Glance
Twisted Edge Publishing’s controversial decision to publish Destination Highways Northern California before coming out with DH Oregon has residents of the Beaver State fuming. So here’s another little bone to at least whet their appetites. Yes folks, this not-so-well-paved DH actually begins in Oregon, heads south from O’Brien and winds up in California. And winds is the operative word here. Despite some asphalt issues, this road is overflowing with nicely engineered twisties amid the Siskiyou National Forest’s wild landscape of remote mountains, canyons and ridges. Oregonians point to the fact it’s the straight, moderately developed southern end leading into Happy Camp, CA, that drags this DH’s TIRES numbers down. Perhaps that’s why they keep asking, “Is your Oregon book out yet?” Yes, well, sort of. We’ve got DHWA18 Asotin – Enterprise, OR, DHNCA20 Crescent City – O’Brien, OR and now, DHNCA50 O’Brien, OR – Happy Camp.
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    Rider Reviews:

    'California has "paved" its side of the mountain. Indian Creek Road was great, but the fresh chipseal up the California side was unpredictable because of often invisible gravel patches. However, the frequent stretches of "sunken pavement" have been leveled out, which is a plus. The Oregon side is in better shape, but there are often patches of gravel kicked up by vehicles, so caution is advised. There is also a stretch bordered by lovely but messy pines, and sometimes there is a carpet of slippery pine needles.' --scritch

    'Have taken this DH many times. The views can be outstanding, and the temperature differences between Happy Camp and the summit are amazing. Watch out for funky road repairs, especially near the summit. Also gravelly bits. Bonus: virtually no RV's.' --John Snow

    'Not sure if the DH has been repaired or not, but currently the pavement is reasonable to good, and the twists and turns, outstanding. ' --Ron Leonard

    'Rode north from "Happy Camp". Very scenic, not so good pavement for portions, but a fun DH to ride.' --Jim Hodson


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