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DH12 (Non Feature DH)
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82.0 mi / 132.0 km


Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .
At a Glance
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Whoís the fairest road of all? Well actually, DH1 dwells in a different region. But not to worry. Though its Characterís not perfectly snow-white, even Grumpy would love this long, remote and pretty-darn-fair ride along the rugged cliffs of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers down from Happy Camp. The Engineering of its steady, Sleepy curves along the Klamath and tight esses along the Trinity either side of Hoopa is certainly nothing to get Sneezy at. And while its Pavement shows signs of age here and there, all it needs is a little attention from the Docs at CalTrans. With so little traffic on the empty, undeveloped northern eighty-per cent of this ride, youíve got a sporting chance to slow down a bit before Dopey flicks on the radar. So címon, donít be Bashful. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, itís off to bike we go.
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    Rider Reviews:

    'Rode from I-5 to Willow Creek and back to Happy Camp. Pavement in generally good condition, but much road construction near Willow Creek in the tight areas. Occasional stones in roadway, and lots of squirrels. On 96 sometimes I catch myself just smiling and laughing. Ha!' --scritch

    'Little traffic, great sweepers and twisties. One of my favorite roads. Keep your eyes open for STCs and Park Rangers. Add DH23 to Yreka to continue the fun.' --Shaun Gallant

    'Good road, very scenic. ' --Ron Leonard

    'Good road for relaxed riding-no traffic.' --Jim Hodson

    'We did this ride in August with, as the book indicates, very little traffic. Great ride!!' --Dave Tanchak

    'Scenic. Relaxing. Remote (a half-dozen cars in 132km/83 mi...maybe).' --Angus Noble

    'I just did this ride. It's really great!' --Richard Andrade


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