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DH2 (Non Feature DH)
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29.8 mi / 48.0 km


Very Light
Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .
At a Glance
“It is Unlawful to Ski or Toboggan on a County Road,” says the sign just out of Callahan. With nothing in Cecilville but a tiny all-purpose bar and a further 30 miles of goat path between it and the next piece of decent asphalt, the pylon quotient can obviously get pretty low around here. Of course, since they’ve laid a blanket of fresh blacktop, it soon won’t be just bobsledders and biathletes wanting to take advantage of this lonely mountain road. Motorcyclists will be tempted to go for a run up and down the steep ridge out of Callahan. After taking in the glorious alpine views off the summit, you’ll schuss down through steep straights and tight sweepers, then slam through a long, steady slalom course of S-curves that follows the Salmon River almost all the way to C-ville. With all the riders coming to check out this black diamond, the county may well need a new sign. How about: “It is Unlawful to Operate a Pylon on this County Road?”
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    Rider Reviews:

    'We live next to and ride this road on a regular basis. It is a new experience each time with spectacular views. It is a road to pay attention to...This last week a Harley rider missed a 40mph corner on the sloping hill. Luckily, the bike was not on top of him when he was found by a local EMT. Please pay attention while driving this curvy road. It will become your favorite ride after one visit and we want you to come back!' --Lori Connelly

    'This is one of my favorite DHs in the whole northwest! I have to say that the continuation to DH12TE-A is a remarkable road as well. I have run it several times on my R1150GS and love it every time. I can see how it isn't for everyone as most of it is one lane, no lines, no guard rails, no shoulders, and blind corners with several hundred feet drops below the road. Oh, and don't forget the rock slides......extreme but awesome! A word of caution re gas: Doyle's cannot be relied upon for fuel, although his sign advertises it he seldom has any. It would be wise to fuel in Etna before you start DH2 from the eastern end.' --Rusty Bachman

    'Bring your own water because when we got to the west end of DH2, it was outside the little restaurant's hours and the road to DH12TE-A and Somes Bar was closed. We had one small bottle of water each. ' --Bill Jones

    'What a great road! The highlight of our 2007 trip to North Cal. Traffic for us was almost non-existant, the road surface was almost perfect with just a little dirt and sand in some corners. We had a blast, and would NEVER have even considered this road without DH NorCal. Definately in my top 10 roads anywhere! I want to go again. (Too many roads, too little time.)' --Paul Mackie

    'After a 700 mile trip from CA to OR, I found DH2 to be one of the best I have been on. I have taken many a goat trail on my Cagiva and figured I could handle the one laner past the end of the DH at Cecilville on my ST4 out to DH12. I should have heeded the warning in the book and only gone as far as Cecilville. No fun to Somes Bar! No gas till Happy Camp! ' --Airon Green


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