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DH7 (Non Feature DH)
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58.5 mi / 94.1 km


Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .
At a Glance
When the Impressionist painters spoke about light and dark, they meant the imagery of shape and emotion as interpreted by the texture and translucent color of their paint. Frankly, while their stuff may be hanging in the Musťe d'Orsay in Paris, it doesnít compare to this Post-Impressionist work of art painted against the background of the Plumas National Forest. And as fine a composition as this is on the steadily winding climb from Quincy up to Grizzly Peak, itís south of the summit that the road artist has really created a masterpiece. Here, the dark Pavement has been colored with a light Engineering touch that has allowed this tour de force to retain an almost transcendent Twistiness. The landscape's scenic motif throughout is largely varied forest, though the contrasting juxtaposition of Lake Oroville in the lower part of the picture does intrigue. The piece's Character is enhanced by the variety of valley, high country and lakeside climatic themes. Thereís a balanced symmetry in the inherent Remoteness: it's heightened the higher up you are and itís lower down low. No doubt you'll appreciate all three state-of-the-art DHs curated south of Quincy, even if normally you just mean toast when you speak about light and dark. Yes, to be exposed to sublime asphart like this makes one weep for what can be. After all, while you may not know much about art, you know what you like.
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    Rider Reviews:

    'This is my new, personal favorite DH, the most enjoyable road I have ever ridden, ANYWHERE!! The 30 mi (50 km) south of the Grizzly summit is so great, it's hard to imagine a better road. Maybe the scenery is not 15/15, but the rest of the road is just excellent.' --Paul Mackie

    'Wow, what a great road. Virtually no traffic, no logging trucks, and awesome tight twisties interspersed with sweepers. ' --Ron Leonard

    'We rode this yesterday and loved it. Great surface and twisties. Connected to DH9 via DH7TE-A and had a blast. 405 miles round trip.' --Rick Brown


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